Periodical Report on Crime and Crime Control in Bremen

Periodischer Sicherheitsbericht Bremen (PSB)


Description, evaluation and classification on crime and crime control in Bremen and Bremerhaven


Ongoing since 2021, triennial (year of publication: 2023)

Funded by:

Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, administered by Senator for Internal Affaires

Role of IPoS:

Research and implementation of the Periodical Report on Crime in Bremen and Bremerhaven


Senator for Internal Affaires, Senator for Justice and Constitution, Police forces of Bremen and Bremerhaven


The Periodical Report on Crime and Crime Control in Bremen and Bremerhaven aims to provide an accurate picture of the overall crime situation and security situation as well as the sense of security. The analysis serves as a basis for understanding individual cases. Thus, in order to assess the crime situation properly and develop proposals for effective ways of dealing with crime, it is essential to draw a review of the crime situation and the associated problems, making it as comprehensive as possible.

After a general introduction, giving an overview of the crime situation in Bremen and Bremerhaven, the report focuses on the following chosen topics / areas:

- Victim Support

- Victim Protection

- Crime Prevention

which are analysed and discussed using different methodological approaches. The selection of these phenomena is due to their special impact on the security and the sense of security of the citizens in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Above this, the Periodical Report on Crime and Crime Control in Bremen and Bremerhaven intends to provide impetus for public discussion of the topics addressed and to promote fact-based debates about approaches to solutions for a successful crime policy in an exchange between politics, science, authorities and society.



Institute of Police and Security Research – IPoS
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