FAIRNESS -Terrorism and Radicalisation

What is the project about?

Implementation of the stockholm’s roadmap in cases of terrorism and radicalisation (fairness)

  1. Harmonization: Increase the capacity of national practitioners to harmonise issues related to the rights of persons suspected or accused of terror-related crimes.
  2. Awareness: Increase the awareness of policy makers and civil society organisations, including the media and NGOs, on the necessary compatibility of the ‘Stockholm’s Programme’ with CT policies and practices.
  3. Reduce Risks: Reduce risks of breaches of fair trial rights when serious crimes with an extensive use of preventive measures in pre-trial are involved.


FAIRNESS aims at promoting a more balanced harmonisation of the Member States’ legal practices in relation to the implementation of several EU Directives when suspected or accused persons are involved in terrorrelated crimes or radicalisation.
In so doing, FAIRNESS explores the coherence between the ‘spirit’ and previsions of the ‘Stockholm’s Roadmap’ contrasted with investigative and preventive practices involving suspects or accused persons for crimes related to terrorism in the pre-trial stage.

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In the FAIRNESS project the IPoS conducts together with the partners quantitative and qualitative empirical research on different legal cases and stakeholder groups. In organized Focus Groups, practitioner-organizations (ministerial staff, judges and courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies) will be confronted with the implementation of the EU Directives and Framework Decisions in order to gain more insight and information on the challenges and obstacles arising during the implementation process. The IPoS will also support the partners in the legal research to further explore the legal interrelations of the Stockholm Programme. The IPoS will implement the Community of Practice for and in Germany in order to explore key topics of the implementation of the different Directives and Framework Decisions. Those CoPs are co-creative laboratories where multi-agencies and multi-disciplinary experts meet to generate creative projects, solutions and proposals for specific topics. IPoS will support the delivery and dissemination of the created toolkit at MS and EU level with an ambitious multi-channel approach to affectively address different target groups of the project.

The FAIRNESS project aims to

  1. promote a balanced harmonization of the legal practices of the Member States (MS) in relation to the implementation of various EU directives (2016/343, 2016/800, 2016/1919, 2013/48 / EU) in the case a suspect or defendant is involved in crimes related to terrorism or radicalization;
  2. explore the coherence between the “spirit” and the forecasts of the “Stockholm roadmap” and the investigative and preventive practices (including the 2014/41 / EU directive and the Council framework decisions 2002/584 / JHA) which involve suspects or defendants for crimes related to terrorism in the pre-trial phase.
  • judges, courts, investigative judges, prosecutors and lawyers
  • LEAs
  • members of the penitentiary police, prison staff and judges / surveillance courts
  • legal experts (criminologists, lawyers, etc.)
  • NGOs and journalists
  • CoP legal experts
  • trainers
  • legal stakeholders
  1. Better knowledge, legal harmonization;
  2. Strengthening of cooperation and exchange of best practices in relation to the rights of persons suspected or accused of offenses related to terrorism;
  3. Improving the cooperation of judicial authorities with NGOs, the media and professional organizations in the field of the rights of persons suspected or accused of crimes related to terrorism.
  • Fondazione agenfor international (italy) – coordinator
  • Vrije universiteit brussel – vub (belgium)
  • Center for the study of democracy (bulgaria)
  • Hochschule fur offentliche verwaltung – hfov (germany)
  • Ministero della giustizia – moj it (italy)
  • Stichting foundation icpa office in europe – icpa (netherlands)
  • Qualify just – it solutions and consulting lda – ips (portugal)

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