What we do

IPoS conducts research in its main areas of expertise and assists partners in solving current problems by providing scientific services.  As an independent body, IPoS is committed to the basic principles and quality criteria of scientific work.
Our clients and partners include public administration actors, such as the police and judiciary as well as also civil society actors (NGOs, foundations) and companies.

Research Projects

The main focus of the research institute lies in the implementation of domestic and international third-party/externally funded research projects.
IPoS takes on the role of both the Lead-Applicant and Co-Applicant or provides experts.

The IPoS has partnered-up with several institutions at academic, practical and civil society level throughout the European Union and neighboring countries for the purpose of initiating and implementing joint activities.

In this context IPoS offers extensive activities and experience in the following areas:

Regular proactive search of the current project tender.These include the EU programmes, ministerial programmes as well as foundations.

This usually happens in two ways:

1. IPoS goes through the publications of the current calls for tenders and searches for consortium partners and experts for suitable calls or

2. IPoS is addressed by a statement of interest (for example from ministries, police, NGOs, etc) on a research topic and we try to find a suitable call for tenders.

Depending on the intended project proposal, its topic and duration, IPoS searches for matching consortium partners. Depending on the desired project proposal, its topic, project duration and budget, IPoS identifies appropriate consortium partners and establishes contacts.

IPoS gladly takes on the preparation of a project proposal or is happy to participate in the preparation of parts of a project application. Where the responsibility for the preparation of a project application lies with the IPoS, all suggestions, criticisms and ideas of the involved parties are taken into account and integrated under constant consultation.

The following points are included in the preparation of the project applications:

  • Familiarisation with the respective CfP guidelines
  • Necessary background research on the project topic
  • Planning and distribution of tasks for the parties involved
  • Preparation and description of the work packages
  • Planning and creation of the schedule for the work packages within the project lifecycle including the project milestones
  • Planning and creation of the project budget
  • Identification of possible project risks and creation of suitable mitigation measures

IPoS has a great interest in carrying out projects with scientific success. The whole team pursues the goal of delivering good work and achieving effective and sustainable results. In order to ensure that the scientific work within the project can be carried out smoothly and optimal, IPoS has established a comprehensive project and process management system that ensures actual scientific work can be at the center of attention for all parties involved and that the project meets all requirements. The project management has the following main tasks: 

Monitoring and Control by:

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Process Management
  • Interface Management
  • Communication Management

In addition, the cooperation of the involved parties within a project has a very special value. IPoS always serves as a contact point for all necessary support e.g. any content-related questions, support in processing individual work packages, questions about the course of the project, the project budget etc.

The completion of projects is also one of the important components of a successful project. IPoS takes over the successful completion of projects beyond the project duration. This includes:

  • Project Acceptance
  • Supervision and implementation of project acceptance at the respective third-party funding agency;
  • Quality Management: We aspire to learn from each project and lead, for example, internal evaluations and feedback rounds in order to constantly evolve;
  • Knowledge Management: With every project we carry out, we generate new knowledge and experiences, which we specifically safeguard so that we and others may profit from it in future;

There are two things that increase when you share them: happiness and knowledge. Knowledge transfer for us as a research institute is not just a concern but a task. It is not just about the results of our research work and projects, but about our experience at all institutional levels. We believe that through such mutual learning we have a positive influence on the research, teaching and science landscape.

Knowledge transfer and trainings

One main focus of the work of the IPoS is the knowledge transfer, which includes knowledge generated in implemented projects through experiences and data as well as the combined expertise of all IPoS internal experts and our partners.
We expressly provide this knowledge to anyone interested: individuals as well as institutions such as the police, judicial authorities, universities, and other public administration and civil society actors

IPoS sees itself as a supportive service facility; on request we provide trainings, seminars, workshops etc., as well as the mediation of contacts to relevantly appointed speakers. On request, members of the institute also undertake lectures and training commitments on topics of their respective research and work priorities.IPoS also supports the curriculum tasks of, for example, the existing police service. In addition, IPoS is responsible for interdisciplinary support in topic preparation, processing and supervision of diploma theses.


The IPoS promotes the exchange of relevant stakeholders as an inter-agency approach at national and international level by organizing meetings, training courses and setting up working groups. Our team itself regularly takes part in various events.