What is the project about?

Strengthening the VR digital skills of VET staff and students in Albania through (and on) the use of immersive digital technologies

VR DigiVET project aims to improve the Albanian VET system by strengthening the digital skills of VET staff members (teachers and instructors) and of VET students, through the use of digital technologies.

This project is funded by the European Union
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In the VR-DigiVET project the IPoS, together with the partners, will conduct research, training and dissemination activities. Especially the implementation of the designed training curricular for VET students in Albania will be conducted and supervised by IPoS. In addition the IPoS will contribute to the needs assessment, creating training curricular and all dissemination activities.

The Consortium will conduct a Desk research on digital skills, which concerns the detection and analysis of academic literature, reports by EU, UN and national bodies, media sources projects‘ websites, and grey literature on the topic (i.e., unpublished or informally published working papers, white papers, government documents). Particular attention is paid to content produced by relevant organisations such as the European Training Foundation. In addition a Questionnaires on digital skills will be developed and circulated among all relevant actors, including also ground-level stakeholders. Two collaborative workshops will be organised, each lasting one full working day. The first workshop, aimed at identifying the needs of VETstaff members. Using the information gathered, a report containing two different needs assessments will be drafted. Building on the knowledge acquired with the needs assessments, two curricula for the development of digital skills will be produced. The first curriculum will aim to equipVET staff (teachers and instructors) with the digital skills required to improve their teaching and training activities. The second curriculum will aim to equip VET students with the digital skills required to improve their overall level of employability. The conceptualisation and design of the technical elements of the digital infrastructure (VET Metaverse and Immersive Learning Platform) is one court element of the project. By combining the metaverse with a digital learning platform, users will engage in interactive and experiential learning that helps them better understand and retain information, including collaborative learning, real-world simulations and gamification. The consortium will develope three training module based on the digital skills curricula: The digital skills curriculum for VET staff ; the teaching of the digital skill curriculum for VET students and the use of the digital infrastructure – and execute the trainings. They will take place in Albania and will make extensive use of the digital platforms developed. At the end, the trainings will ve evaluated. The partners will organize study visit of VET teachers and instructors to AGF’s digital academy located in Milan.

At the end of the capacity building phase for VET teachers and instructors, they will move on to teach students the content of the digital skills curriculum dedicated to the latter. During this phase, which will involve 200 students, HfOV/IPoS will supervise the teaching of the trained VET teachers and instructors, providing assistance, advice, coordination and support.

The consortium will develope a monitoring and evaluation methodology, draft quarterly Monitoring & Evaluation reports to ensure that the project reaches the maximum level of visibility and post-lifecycle sustainability.


  • Objective 1: To assess, at the national level, the most relevant digital skills needed by VET staff members, particularly teachers and instructors, to improve the quality of their teaching, training and formation in VET centres.
  • Objective 2: To assess, at the national level, the most relevant transversal digital skills needed by VET students, to improve their level of employability.
  • Objective 3: To develop specific curricula, for both VET staff and students, on digital skills to be adopted at the national level.
  • Objective 4: To develop the digital infrastructure (composed by a dedicated metaverse and a learning platform) necessary to educate/train both VET staff and students in the selected digital skills.
  • Objective 5: To pilot the implementation of the digital ecosystem and the adoption of the student and staff curricula on digital skills by training the staff of a selected number of VET centres and, subsequently, supervise the education process of their VET students for what concerns the acquisition of digital skills (200 students) and a VR-based apprenticeship.
  • VET students
  • Companies
  • Public Bodies
  • VET Schools
  • VET teachers
  • Result/Impact/Outcome 1:
    conducted needs assessments
  • Result/Impact/Outcome 2:
    produced Digital skills curricula
  • Result/Impact/Outcome 3:
    development of digital infrastructure in form of the Albanian VR Metaverse for VET
  • Result/Impact/Outcome 4:
    implemented Train the Trainer course
  • Result/Impact/Outcome 5:
    training of VET students
  • Fondazione Agenfor International – AGENFOR (Italy)
  • Hochschule fur Öffentliche Verwaltung – HfÖV (Germany)
  • Fundation Euroarabe de altos estudios – FUNDEA (Spain)
  • Agjensia kombetare e punesimit dheaftesive – AKPA (Albania)
  • Ministerin e financave the ekonomisë -MoFE (Albania)
  • Service Factory (Albania)
  • CIRD e.V.


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