The team of IPoS comprises of Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann, who is the Head of the institute, specialist for criminal law and criminal proceedings law; his representative Prof. Dr. Claudia Kestermann, specialised in psychology, criminalistics, and criminal law; Dr. Rainer Hoffmann, sociologist, lecturer, expert for crime prevention; Dr.-iur. Trygve Ben Holland LL.M., lecturer and Project Expert; Sarah Holland-Kunkel, Project and Process Management IPMA / Human Rights and Good Governance; Gabriela Piontkowski, Public Prosecutor, lecturer, and researcher; Marie Schmidt, Restorative Justice Expert and Project Administration and Sophie Settels, Scientific Researcher and Expert for Quantitative Data Analysis and Statistics.

The team is supported by several scientific assistants and students. Above that the IPoS has associated members from a broad scientific spectrum.


Staff scientists

Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann

Head of IPoS





Dr.-iur. Trygve Ben Holland LL.M. (EUR)

Senior Project Expert





Scientific assistants and students







Deborah Volkgenannt


Clara Kohlstedt


Members of the institute

Members of the University for Public Administration Bremen

  • Prof. Dr. Luise Greuel, principal
  • Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann, head of the institute
  • Dr. Rainer Hoffmann, sociologist
  • Dipl. Psych. Doreen Jeck, psychologist
  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Kestermann, psychologist
  • Gabriela Piontkowski, public prosecutor
  • Petra Rump, police detective and lecturer
  • Prof. Dr. Regina Weiß, jurist
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Wehr, jurist
  • Dr. Iur. Trygave Ben Holland
  • Marie Luise Schmidt
  • Sarah Holland-Kunkel

External Members

  • Alexander Bähr, strategic analyst police Bremen
  • Prof. (emer.) Ekke Dahle
  • Prof. Dr. Kirsten Graalmann-Scherer, district attorney
  • Dr. Daniel H. Heinke, head of criminal investigation department Bremen
  • Prof. Dr. (emer.) Hans-Urlich Herrnkind, accountant
  • Prof. (emer.) Manfred Krupski
  • Prof. (emer.) Jürgen Rohdenburg


Institute of Police and Security Research – IPoS
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