The team of IPoS comprises of Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann, who is the Head of the institute, specialist for criminal law and criminal proceedings law; his representative Prof. Dr. Claudia Kestermann, specialised in psychology, criminalistics, and criminal law; Dr. Rainer Hoffmann, sociologist, lecturer, expert for crime prevention; Dr.-iur. Trygve Ben Holland LL.M., lecturer and Project Expert; Sarah Holland, Project and Process Management IPMA / Human Rights and Good Governance; Gabriela Piontkowski, Public Prosecutor, lecturer, and researcher; Marie Schmidt, Restorative Justice Expert and Project Administration.

The team is supported by several scientific assistants and students. Above that the IPoS has associated members from a broad scientific spectrum. 



Staff scientists

Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann

Head of IPoS





Dr.-iur. Trygve Ben Holland LL.M. (EUR)

Senior Project Expert





Scientific assistants and students







Members of the institute

Members of the University for Public Administration Bremen

  • Prof. Dr. Luise Greuel, principal
  • Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann, head of the institute
  • Dr. Rainer Hoffmann, sociologist
  • Dipl. Psych. Doreen Jeck, psychologist
  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Kestermann, psychologist
  • Gabriela Piontkowski, public prosecutor
  • Petra Rump, police detective and lecturer
  • Prof. Dr. Regina Weiß, jurist
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Wehr, jurist

External Members

  • Alexander Bähr, strategic analyst police Bremen
  • Prof. (emer.) Ekke Dahle
  • Prof. Dr. Kirsten Graalmann-Scherer, district attorney
  • Dr. Daniel H. Heinke, head of criminal investigation department Bremen
  • Prof. Dr. (emer.) Hans-Urlich Herrnkind, accountant
  • Prof. (emer.) Manfred Krupski
  • Prof. (emer.) Jürgen Rohdenburg


Institute of Police and Security Research – IPoS
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