Cost Action – Cultures of Victimology

What is the project about?


  • Produce a comparative analysis that maps the existing body of victimological research in COST member countries.
  • To coordinate theory and methodology through the set-up of 5 working groups.
  • Create dialogue, collaboration and advance interdisciplinary exchange between relevant stakeholders (academics, ractitioners, policymakers – representatives of these three areas will be involved in all five working groups)
  • Contribute significantly to the development of the knowledge, skills and network of early career investigators (ECIs), through supporting the organisation and development of, for example, training programmes, Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs), placements with stakeholders, summer schools.
  • To advance the methodological development of victimology through the incorporation of both qualitative and quantitative methods to study cultural phenomena, with an explicit emphasis on transdisciplinarity.

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