Improving Digital Competencies for Digital Immigrants (DigiComp) - Tackling with Digital Divide and Digital Social Inequality



Digitalization, cyber crime and social inequality



Funded by:

Erasmus+ KA2

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European Union

Role of IPoS:

Desk research and writing a review on national literature; data collection: Conducting and analyzing qualitative interviews with “digital immigrants”; writing a country report based on the mentioned research, and develop a guide based on the results of the projects.


Erciyes University – Türkei; Universitat de Barcelona; Kayseri Police Department - Türkei; Hochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung / Fortbildungsinstitut der Polizei und IPoS – Bremen


Digital competencies and skills are becoming increasingly important. While some people find it very easy to find their way around in this new environment, others struggle with it. Two groups in particular can be identified in this context: the "digital natives" and the "digital immigrants. „Digital natives" refers to the generation that is growing up in a digital and networked world, while "digital immigrants" refers to adults who were born in the analog world and are trying (or have to try) to keep up with the rapid development of information technologies and the network society.

New forms of social inequality are emerging as a result of the varying degrees of ability to take advantage of the digital world. With the penetration of the Internet into almost all areas of life, new forms of crime have also developed. The competence to interact appropriately in this new digital world has impact on personal security, self-esteem, social inclusion and participation, and last but not least family ties. In addition, new forms of addictive behavior and social isolation have emerged.

The aim of the project is to produce a country report and a guide for the digital environment based on this report.

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